Danger Zone EP is an expressive, exhilarating ride of raw emotion, and the genesis NFT collection from the Danger Zone DAO. The project consists of seven songs, each with its own 7 Deadly Sin artwork, and each sin representing a part of the song that, deep down, relates to a part of my life.
Starting November 1st there will be one song minted a week for the next seven weeks on sound.xyz.

Pre-Mint Collectors
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Thank you, for your continued support!
The market will determine the total volume of editions available for minting in the following two phases

P1: Pre-mint  (closed) — 77 Limited Neon Editions at 0.07 ETH

Danger Zone DAO members, Sound, Catalog, Glass, and Coinvise collectors holding their Membership NFTs received early access to the Limited Editions.

P2: Public Mint — Ranged Editions at 0.03 ETH

There will be one song minted every week for the next seven weeks via sound.xyz. Collectors who participated in P1 will be able to claim their free NFTs on sound each week.
How long is Presale?
Presale will go live 72 hours before public mint every week.
How long do I have to claim my Free Mint?
There will be a 48 hour window each week for all free claims.
Missed your free claim? Don't worry!
All unclaimed editions will be airdropped before the free mint sale ends.
Wen Drop Party?
There will be a weekly drop party (twitter spaces) 30 minutes before public sale.

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Collector Capsule
The DAO will release seven clothing items, as part of the merchandise capsule collection. Each item will be inspired by the artwork from the EP.

The P1 (pre-mint) collectors of the Limited Neon Edition will be  able to participate in the snapshot voting on the concepts for the collection.